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Most consumers are not aware that "manufactured furniture" does not have the same standards, quality or craftsmanship as handmade furniture. A machine is incapable of giving any client the joinery, glue choices or woodworking ethics that a custom furniture maker is able to offer. As a matter of fact most consumers are of the belief that "handmade furniture" is not affordable, but I have a different point of view because although a consumer will pay "top dollar" for a manufactured furniture set in 5 to 10 years its falling apart and they are left with needing repairs done or out right having to buy new all over again. So the cost of spending 50% to 80% more for a handmade furniture set that will last from generation to generation becomes invaluable not to mention the beauty of choice wood species that a consumer can attain as opposed to a stock wood manufactured furniture set. It is my true wish that all consumers will consider this point of view and invest in a long-term, long-lasting furniture idea vs. what the market has to offer in today's economy.

Custom Library / Murphy Bed UnitSolid maple fire place mantle (Custom Made)


The company was established in 1983 and the areas of ability include: Custom cabinetry of all types, wood furniture made by hand, antique reproductions, furniture repairs & refinishing, custom mill and case work, custom & general woodworking, wood-turning including production work. I look forward to discussing and custom building your custom woodworking project(s) as well but please keep in mind that the products you see and the interest you have is a process that has almost become completely lost in America. It has been my quest for the past 40 years to educate the consumer about the cost, quality, value and difference between a "custom-made product" vs a mass-produced retail purchased product. I look forward to speaking with you in detail about the custom woodworking project (s) that you have in mind.

**P.S. Over the 40 years I have been doing handcrafted solid wood furniture and custom cabinetry and one of the biggest misunderstanding from potential customers is the "cost" so I do offer a 5% New Customer Discount as a way of saying "Thank You" for your business on jobs that exceed a certain amount - Call Now To Discuss Your Job Details! 813-843-1198

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  • Custom cabinets of all types
  • Wood furniture made by hand
  • Custom mill work
  • Custom & general woodworking
  • Wood turning including production work

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